Suzuki Suzuki Vitara Estate

The Suzuki Vitara is the Japanese manufacturers entry into the small SUV world and unlike its competitors the Vitara has heritage in its field. Prowling our roads since 1988 the Vitara was arguably a crossover before a crossover was even a thing. 

Suzuki are arguably at the forefront of compact 4x4’s with their iconic Jimny, and they lean heavily on their experience for their road ready Vitara. An ideal family 5-seater SUV that is fun to drive while being practical and economical. 

The Vitara will appeal to somebody looking for an SUV that wants something a little different to the models we see saturating the roads. The Vitara has changed a lot since the first model with spare tyre emblazoned with a Rhino, but we all need to grow up at some point.