Suzuki Lease Deals

Suzuki are one of the biggest and most popular car manufacturers in Japan. The forward thinking attitude of their founder has long been part of their DNA. Michio Suzuki had the idea early on to diversify the company from their initial loom making roots into automobiles and powered bikes that would later develop into their popular motorcycle range. These days you’ll find Suzuki trucks, motorbikes, cars, ATV’s, onboard engines and much more.

Since their first car in 1955 Suzuki have gone from strength to strength in the automobile market with iconic lines like the Suzuki Jimny having stood the test of time. Here are RGW Contracts you’ll find a number of Suzuki lease deals and options to choose from to suit your needs. 

If you’re looking for an efficient city car, the Ignis bridges the gap between small car and SUV perfectly, it’s a car that handles it’s business in the town, but wouldn’t be out of place looking for adventure on the weekend. 

Those with a need for a little more speed will love the Suzuki Swift Sport that has all the thrills of a little hot hatch, with plenty of tech built in. 

If it’s a little more space you need, Suzuki have been making their name on nimble 4x4’s and crossovers for a long time and our lease deals for the Vitara and the new look Suzuki Jimny give you plenty of leasing options to choose from for your next family car.