Hyundai are one of the leading Asian car manufacturers, gaining success from their variety of versatile and reliable cars. Simplistic Korean vehicular innovation has boosted their popularity in Europe, offering a sleek range of quality vehicles.

Founded in 1967 in South Korea, Hyundai Motor Company has grown to become one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, selling vehicles in 193 countries all over the world. Their range covers all needs, from city cars to SUV’s and vans, and their non-flashy reliability cements them as an ideal choice for many people in the UK. Hyundai’s electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology was also named the 2019 winner of the What Car Technology Award.

Here at RGW Contracts, we supply a range of great leasing deals for Hyundai vehicles. Our deals cover both business and personal use, so no matter your needs, we’ll have a deal. The Hyundai I10 Hatchback is one of the best quality city cars on the market today. With 5 door access and 1.0 to 1.2 litre engine size, the I10 boasts efficient performance and a simple charm. 

The I20 Hatchback is a larger version of the I10 that comes with the same efficiency and range of engine sizes while also providing more space and more practicality as a family car. The I30 Hatchback is another step up, with a typically larger engine size to accommodate the increase in size. The I30 is available in both manual and automatic transmission with a choice of petrol or diesel engines.

The new I30 N is the first in a new line of high performance road cars from Hyundai. As Hyundai’s first turbo engine hatchback designed for performance, the I30 N is a step towards the style of driving you’d expect from brands like Lexus, Seat and VW. The I30 also comes with a Tourer estate model for extra space and higher engine capacity, being available up to 1.6 litres. 

The Ioniq Hatchback is Hyundai’s foray into hybrid and electric engine technology. Available with a choice of 1.6 litre hybrid engine or 38.3 Kwh electric engine, the Ioniq showcases Hyundai’s innovative work ethics and commitment to their technology. We also have a range of leasing deals for Hyundai SUV’s, from the sub compact Kona, to the elegant Santa Fe and the larger Tucson

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